I read Wislawa’s* Nobel Prize Lecture this morning and the poet’s phrase: “I don’t know” got me!

An inspiration for living; for writing, for working etc., should come from this tiny phrase. ** “I don’t know”**

Today is a new day so, “I don’t know” should be the impulse to explore, to ask questions, to consider being here. We may know much, but not everything, so it’s appropriate to admit: ** “I don’t know”**

The phrase can invite conversation, an exchange of ideas, even a challenge to one’s own belief. It’s not defeatism to admit: “I don’t know” but an open approach to reality.

We can hold many theories, have an inkling of realism. But let’s start living with a dose of honesty and start each day with the tiny phrase: “I don’t know”

This puts us in the position of expectancy, of faith, of trust, of humility. “I don’t know”

Though I may have all knowledge and write much but lack love, then it’s all “noise.”

  • Based upon - https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/literature/1996/szymborska/lecture/ - cited 18/02/23 © Copyright stephen c douglas, as kiwi.poet – 25/02/23 - image Hanna Carpenter