We wait for many things while at the same time we are doing. Busy doing this or that, yet deep down we know we are waiting…

An activity, an engagement of thought to proceed, to produce an action. While we nurse the spirit of waiting there is the flow of emotion, feelings when in reality it is the art or perception of waiting which engages us.

I challenge you to pause your activity, and ask “what is it that I am waiting for?” Take a breath, hold and wait – ask what is it that I am waiting for? You imagine it but do you create it? We are good at being busy reading, busy at the movie, busy at chatting, busy with chores, - can you see it? All we do, in the short space of living is waiting… (For the next?)

Nature gives us the best illustration of waiting… From the seed to the tree, through each season there is growth, but also waiting.. It has to ‘wait’ for each growth stage to happen before more growth takes place.

The thought is to listen to what is happening in your “deep” don’t rush, be patient to understand what it is you are – waiting for…

Alive, busy with your work, busy with your living, busy with your sharing, busy with your contribution, busy with growing, for it doesn’t stop. But be sensitive, conscious of what it is you’re waiting…for

Putting your energy into projects, into family; you are waiting for maturity, growing in your true self. Living is being alive to everything about us; this is a case of waiting… What is progress I ask? If you don’t understand how waiting and living go hand in hand, then you will miss growth - for there is a season for everything under heaven!

© stephen c douglas, 24/1/23 for kiwi poet (poet.kiwi)