As I thank You for my life. \ Help me to go about blessed \ With your Spirit’s insight \ And hear You affirm I’m your beloved.

Two Hands,\ One filled with much to give\ One open plain to serve. \ Help me know where to use them both\ To treat each request with concern.\ May I know how to let go of self and\ May I treat each breath You give with grace.

Two Hands,\ One filled with much to share \ One a token of your care.\ Help me to be a blessing, to find\ In You the strength to bear\ What happens with me today.\ Make me aware, my answer \ Is already in your care\ Make me sensitive to others\ As I am my own affairs.

Two Hands,\ One filled with true love\ One ready to impart\ Each a symbol of Your loving heart.\ Today I bring my hands together and say;

  • “May I live to bless, not to curse,
  • Be conscious, You’ve created me for this day;
  • Your will be done upon this Your earth, \ As it is in heaven; Holy is your name – Amen”

Accept my thanks for all You’ve done, My hands were empty and You filled them.

By Stephen Douglas Copyright © stephen c douglas, 15 January 2021