Poem & Photo by Stephen Douglas © stephen c douglas, 17 April ’22 for kiwi.poet

There is something about. . . a nice clear day no cloud in the sky, no wind to fly. All my cares, I now commit to prayer, as I rest them in Jesus’ name.\

There is something about. . . a picture of me young ‘n’ wild, a hearty smile. All my hopes centred as a wee child, as I develop a sense of life’s worth.\

There is something about. . . a look at the past in the light of today’s growth. All my self-doubt and fear, didn’t last, as I learnt in light, we’re all the same.\

There is something about a. . . bird in flight an ant hill & a crocodile’s tail. All our knowledge equals nought, belief and action seal their tale.\

There is something about. . . a new baby’s cry it tells you and I we’re fairly made. All our doubts and questions need fly, as we have no answer to its DNA line.\

There is something about. . . the end of a day no sunset the same, no star alike. All my cares are being sorted, as I apply my knowledge with hope…..\

There is something about. . . a trusting soul which brings the Father much delight!